Here is the updated price list for fresh fruits for export for the 23rd week (04.06-10.06) of 2018. Prices include the cost of packaging, loading into a vehicle or shipping container, processing of export documentation.

Fresh Fruits Export Price List 23rd week of 2018.


Orange Valencia  0.48$/kg
Lemon 1.1$/kg
Nectarin  0.79$/kg
Peach 0.79$/kg
Apricot 0.76$/kg
Plum 1.11$/kg
Cherries 1.22$/kg
Grape Yalova (Green) 0.88$/kg
Grape Ilkeren(Black) 1.35$/kg

Запись Fresh Fruits Export Price List for 23rd week of 2018. впервые появилась Meri Global Export.

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