We bring to your attention an updated price list for fresh vegetables for export for the 17th week (23.04-29.04) of 2018. Prices include the cost of packaging, loading into a vehicle or shipping container, processing of export documentation.

Fresh Tomato  0.8$/kg
Coctail Tomato  1.15$/kg
Oval Tomato 1.08$/kg
Kapia Pepper 1.1$/kg
Dolma Pepper 0.98$/kg
Chilly Pepper (Red)  1.4$/kg
Chilly Pepper (Green) 0.83$/kg
California Pepper (Yellow) 1.4$/kg
California Pepper (Red) 1.4$/kg
Zuchinni 0.7$/kg
Eggplant 0.6$/kg
Cucumber(Prickly) 0.65$/kg

More Info on Export Site 

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